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October Chills

Calico Ghost Town and Halloween go together so well that the words are almost synonyms when it comes to the month of October. The 2004 Calico Haunt was the most scary, entertaining, and attended in the Calico Haunt history. Next year is looking to be even bigger, better, and yes, scarier. Design and planning for the 2005 Calico Haunt, believe it or not, has already started. As we draw nearer to the 2005 Calico Haunt, I will post pictures of past Calico Haunts and what will be going on for the Calico Haunt 2005 that will be "fun for all" .........or should I say, "scary for all". Pictures from the 2004 Calico Haunt will be posted here as I get them.


Another Haunt to be aware of!

The Calico Haunt was rated second following the grand daddy of all Haunts in the world, The Knott's Halloween Haunt in Buena Park, CA (a must go and see) I have listed the weblinks for Knott's Haunt below.

This is the best link for seeing what the Knott's Halloween Haunt really is. http://www.ultimatehaunt.com

This is the link for tickets. http://www.knotts.com/park/calendar/halloweenhaunt.shtml

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2005 Calico Ghost Walk